Alliance Catholic Worker is a community in the Catholic Worker tradition founded by Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin based in Alliance Ohio. The community has a house of hospitality and exists to serve the local community. The catholic worker tradition is a return to ancient Christianity where houses of hospitality were established to serve the poor (Council of Nicea 381AD) and where there was never justification for killing (Apostolic letters of Hippolytus 205-225 AD) or usury (St Jerome 400AD). Therefore in Union with Christ and his Church and in communion with the Saints we reject theologies of militarism, empire and economics based on exploitation or greed as idolatrous. More importantly we work toward building a culture of life (Evangelium Vitae, JPII, 1993) where the dignity of persons is respected and where it is easier to be good. Alliance Catholic Worker has formed primarily from Byzantine Catholics from the Romanian Greek Catholic Eparchy of St George. While our liturgical life is Eastern, many Latin Rite Catholics are also involved as are people from the reformed traditions. Alliance Catholic Worker hopes to establish a fraternal relationship with the local Orthodox Churches, reformed ecclesial communities as well as local communities and groups that exist to serve the common good and all people of good will.